Dead Dolphin ashore May 2016

Dead Dolphin ashore May 2016

Wednesday, 21 December 2016

Thanet coast - latest finds and reports.

At present the Margate mudlarks are having a bit of a jamboree finding a mass of small items. On the low water areas they are finding many shards where the provenance is directly linked to the paddle steamer companies. Collectively the items found to date are putting together a timeline of the Victorian and Edwardian seaside at Margate. Also in this mix of finds a couple of items linked to the Whitley mark V that ditched near the Nayland Rock on the 3rd September 1940 have been found.
Elsewhere, a few days ago remains of a dead porpoise have come ashore at Minnis Bay Birchington . This now makes this years total of six dead porpoises on our coastline to date.There has been no signs anywhere of barrel jellyfish ashore like this time last year.
Throughout the coastline the alert is to look out for palm oil coming ashore, so I expect over the coming weeks there will be more examples to be found and reported in the media.
At Sandwich Bay out on the flats the B17 flying fortress is continuing to break up as more of the site has become exposed. Items can be found ashore as far as the Deal end of the bay and into Pegwell bay. On the low water areas of the Sandwich flats the bones of five shipwrecks can be seen from the shore. These are becoming an attraction to walkers in the bay. Ashore at Sandwich bay a few large items of shipwreck have been coming ashore indicating a large sailing vessel offshore is breaking up. However it is hard to say if the timbers are linked to one vessel.
In the coming months in the new year with the winter gales giving the bay a good pounding. I expect there will be more discoveries of unexploded ordnance. In the early part of this year my tally was six finds. It sounds impressive but I know others have come across more going by newspaper reports and I expect more headlines.
As we enter the winter proper the diversity of finds ashore along the Sandwich and Thanet coastlines will increase and it will be happy hunting.

Copper sheathing found ashore - scaled in inches.
Part of a base of a Bartmann jug circa 17th century found ashore.

I reported this encrusted shell to the coastguard on 24.04.16 and it was dealt with.

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