Dead Dolphin ashore May 2016

Dead Dolphin ashore May 2016

Wednesday, 28 May 2014

Albion House Ramsgate - a piece of missing history and the contents.

This document is a new addition to my archive of  Ramsgate art and artefacts and it is a Thanet District Council report on the fate of the Ramsgate artwork when it was kept a Albion House. Looks like at the time there must have been a terrible damp problem at Albion House.
The document does make sorry reading as it explains why almost everything TDC own regarding Ramsgate historically is in such poor condition.

Thursday, 8 May 2014

Bob Bradley

I have just heard the sad news that Bob Bradley has died and by the sound of it, in tragic circumstances. Bob worked at the Margate museum and for a period of time and in the years before the place was closed he took responsibility for running the museum. Bob was a collector and he had a huge collection of Second World War memorabilia covering the home front. He also had a huge collection of weapons and I dread to think what the Police must have thought when they entered his house.
Bob was an honest bloke and he didn't mince his words and told people exactly what he thought. We had a difference of opinion when issues regarding the museum came to light. It was more about my approach of making it public he didn't like but we did agree to differ. Regardless of what happened in the past I am still saddened to hear of his death. His greatest achievements in my eyes has to be his contribution to building the museum archives and his efforts to build the Second World War collection especially all the artefacts the museum holds  relating to the home front and life in Margate at the time.

TDC Cobb Shell collection - the missing document

In the past I have mentioned the Cobb shell collection that was once held in the old Margate Library in Victoria Road. The collection was then transferred to Thanet District Council in 1974 during local government reorganization. In 1991 the collection of 17,000 sea shells was given to the Powell Cotton Museum , Birchington . Some months ago I did make enquires with TDC regarding this decision because the PCM would like to return the collection back into the public collection. Before that TDC did not have a clue about the decision and they didn't even know they once owned them. That was only made known to them when I presented an old Margate Museum document. I have now retrieved the original document that details the reasons why it was given away. The document has one interesting fact and that is, even though it is known as the Cobb collection there are no records held by TDC to show the Cobb family actually owned it, mind you that is certainly down to the old Borough of Margate and their poor record keeping which in all honestly TDC have inherited. In one paragraph it does state that the collection has never been properly catalogued a statement I have come across on many occasions.

I must add that I did not use the freedom of information act to get this document. I obtained this through my own resources and research so there have been no costs involved to anyone other than myself.

Finally, I must add that the collection has never been displayed at the PCM and there are no plans to ever display it at the PCM.

Wednesday, 7 May 2014

TDC artefacts - a tactical retreat

It has been some while since I have said anything regarding the TDC collection of art and artefacts. Following the decision by TDC to adopt a new management policy and to carry out a full audit, something I must say has never been fully completed since TDC was formed. I think it is time for a bit of an update.

The working party looking into the issues regarding the artefacts management have decide not to investigate what went on in the past. All they want to do is audit the physical stock they have and move forward. Sounds a sensible move if you know naff all about the collection which probably covers almost everybody. A horrendous decision to someone who knows far more than they should but then this is Thanet District Council after all.

The new management policy is more about damage limitation and it will succeed as I know the numbers are now stacked up against me. For example two members of the Friends of the Margate Museum have said to me they do not like my accusations of theft against them. The point is that I am not accusing anyone of theft all I have been trying to get across is that there are items missing from the original inventory. This was reported to TDC in 1991 and I have the paperwork to prove it. But then that is no surprise because a council officer said to me that people were leaving the Friends of the Margate Museum because of my accusations, but then this is the same officer who also hinted to the Friends group that if they rock the boat they are out. So I can take all of that with a pinch of salt. The problem is that I am now on my own and I have to make a bit of a tactical retreat and I am keeping well clear of the Margate Museum and I do not trust anyone that is for sure. Especially when I brought up a question about the Parker collection and the condition of the items only to be put down by the guy who has taken over the museum data base who just happen to be a son of a Councillor.

Anyway enough of the moaning and onto progress, I have retrieved a interesting document it is a TDC one and it details some  info on the Albion House collection that was never made public. It  probably explains why the Ramsgate collection is in such appalling condition. I am writing a letter to the Gazette first then I will publish the document on my blog.

I have something on the Cobb shell collection, once again one of these documents TDC have trouble finding so I have informed Quex who now hold the collection and I have past it on to Iris . I will also put that on my blog.

Any way got to go and be rest assured I do have a few more bullets left in the chamber.