Dead Dolphin ashore May 2016

Dead Dolphin ashore May 2016

Saturday, 30 November 2013

Thanet District Council - my dilemma

All this hue and cry at present regarding Thanet District Council as to whether it is fit for purpose has put me in a bit of a dilemma. Not wishing to appear jumping on a band wagon and accusing innocent people of something they have not done for example current elected members on all sides. I have now found it has made it harder to criticize TDC publicly over something that has happened in the past regarding art and artifacts because of this latest frenzy. Recently I have uncovered something else from the early 1990's and I do need some answers regarding a public asset  . So in a way I am glad they are progressive enough to let me as a member of the public sit as a co opted member on a TDC working party the only non elected TDC person to do so. So in the meanwhile I am now keeping everything to myself and will abide by their code of conduct. The next meeting is 27th January 2014.

Friday, 29 November 2013

Ramsgate Town Council - last nights amenities meeting

Last night, 28th November that is , we had a meeting of the Ramsgate Town Council amenities committee with a number of items on the agenda . First and the most important was setting the events budget that was set at £30,000 for next year .Other items like Civic remained as they were last year.
There was some discussion on Town improvement, starting with the Christmas lights. Even though the committee was pleased with what we had there was some discussion on how we could go one further and improve. Like having a competition next year for the best shop displays. Members were impressed that a couple of boats in the inner harbour were lit up and there was a discussion on how the the harbour would look if more boats were lit up and what RTC could do to encourage it. Peter Cambell did bring up the point that Christmas lights are cheap and when he recently bought some for £7 he found out when he opened them that he reckoned they could go around his house three times which did make us laugh.

On town improvement's Richard the town clerk informed members that RTC now own the Palm Trees in tubs that  were seen dotted around the harbour during the summer. TDC no longer wanted them so RTC stepped in and had them. Discussion took place how we could maximize their use to enhance the visual impact on the harbour area. On town improvements the issue of keeping the town clean and presentable for both residents and vistor's alike was debated, in this discussion the  state of the arches were being looked into.
Ramsgate allotments were discussed including the waiting lists and the experimental plan to let out quarter and half size allotments. During this discussion it was mentioned that one of the allotment plots is now a mature grape vine capable of producing bottled wine. I don't know if Chateau Chiltern  will ever come on the market but I did find the concept pretty cool.

Finally, someone has left the town of Ramsgate an old print in their will. I haven't seen it yet but I will post a photograph and info when I have seen it

Sunday, 24 November 2013

New Palace Steamers in postcards

From the mid 1890's up until the outbreak of the First World War two main paddle steamer companies and two railway companies competed to transport people in their thousands to Margate . One of the companies New Palace Steamers even produced their own souvenirs for the trip. I have now accumulated a few postcards they produced.
On another point two years ago I found a piece of broken plate on the main sands that has part of the same address seen on the bottom of the postcards.

On some areas of the Margate main sands near the low water mark I am now coming to the conclusion that most of the shards excluding mineral water bottles that have been found are actually gash thrown over the side by the Paddle Steamers that visited the jetty during that era. Also the amount of finds that date after the time the paddle steamers stopped operating the routes does decline significantly.

Thursday, 21 November 2013

Local Politics - Who killed the Colonel ?

More local politics from the 1880's, including a poster "Who killed the colonel ? ". I not sure of what they are getting at as it has a very Victorian meaning.
 I have attached more posters from Thanet's political past and some go as far as stopping just short of accusations of corruption. Some also relate to the time when James Lowther stood as parliamentary candidate in Ramsgate. Most of what I have does relate to Margate and some to Ramsgate. however, the Ramsgate items are very tame compared to what happened in Margate at the time.

Wednesday, 20 November 2013

Local politics corruption ? lies ? a peep into the past.

Local politics has always been a cut and thrust affair and I am really surprised why people are so shocked. It is unfortunate but it is a fact of life that we will always have self publicists and people with terrific egos in public life. Moaners , whingers and the misrepresentation of the truth is  something that will always be with us.
In the past the tempo of local politics was just the same, a highly charged affair. I have posted a few example of posters that circulated over 130 years ago in Margate.

The Mick Twyman collection - The Surf Boat disaster 1897

The history of the Margate Surfboat disaster that claimed nine lives on the 2nd December 1897 is an event that has been well documented. Thanks mostly to Mick Twyman and the other co writers and researchers from the Margate Historical Society.
Recently I have been looking at Mick Twyman's archive on disc and found some information on the funerals that took place including photographs and a poem. So for the benefit of internet search engines I am posting. Please feel free to down load .

Tuesday, 19 November 2013

The Mick Twyman collection - The Marine Series of photographic postcards by Margate seaside photographer George Philip Hoare

Trawling through the Mick Twyman collection of  postcards I am now able to piece together some more photography by Margate sea side photographer George Philip Hoare . This time it is the marine series he produced before the First World War . It is noticeable that in every batch I have come across George seems to have this thing about photographing rough weather, mostly from the Jetty looking towards the shore. In one instance there is a view of the area that is now the site of the current Turner Center and in the back ground are the studios of a rival George Houghton that can be seen on the cliff top, If this was intentional I do not know. George Houghton was in business before George Philip Hoare and he photographed the destruction of the Marine Palace on the 29th November 1897. George Philip Hoare arrived in Margate a year later in 1898 aged nineteen and was employed as a photographer by Goodman and Schimdt.