Dead Dolphin ashore May 2016

Dead Dolphin ashore May 2016

Saturday, 27 April 2013

Whatever has happened to the mud larking ?

 The weather during the whole of March and the early part of April has been a complete disaster for making any historical finds on Margate main sands below the tide line. The constant strong north easterly winds during the early part of spring have banked up thousands of tons of clean sand  covering over the areas that have eroded down to clay and mud over the past couple of years. This has buried everything and even though the bay looks nice the chances of finding any items from the 1700 and 1800 does look very remote for the foreseeable future as everything has been re buried . Undeterred , before I went to the dedication of the Victory lugger memorial today  I had a quick scout on the main sands.The tide was really on the move so I opted for the area behind the tidal  pool on the main sands that is being refurbished. I chose to look where the sluice gates are going to be built. At present there are three holes at the back of the pool and twice a day the pool drains through these three holes. Due to the deep digging at the back of the pool the tops layers of silt and debris from the spoil heaps are being sucked through the holes leaving anything of any density deposited out side the pool. It is mostly shingle that is deposited but among the shingle interesting historical items can be found. Today I can across pieces of broken glass that can be easily identifiable as from the second half of the 19th century and in most cases it is bottle bases due to weight and density. Even though finds where few and far between I came across a base from a dipped moulded  spirit bottle that had been blown in a dip mould and then the kick up in the base neatly finished off, date probably 1850's or even early 1860's.
The rest of the glass was Victorian green aqua mineral water glass of some thickness  and typical 1890's. Two of the bases where embossed and both came from London and from J M Taylor Camberwell. Which I must say is the most common London mineral water company find at Margate from the Victorian era. The broken glass base pictured below is part of a Hamilton design conical soda water bottle. The only part of the lettering  visible is the M . Taylor part of the name. Due to the uniform thickness of the glass I would say the bottle was a soda water bottle probably late 1890's.

Please do not blame the volunteers.

Today, before I went along to see the re dedication of the Victory lugger memorial  at the entrance to Margate stone pier I went for a catch up at the Margate Museum. This was the first time I have been in the Museum since March plus it is the first time since my concerns about the TDC collection has become public. Once again the Museum was fully manned with volunteers and without the dedication of the volunteers the Museum cannot run, I was quick to reassure the volunteers that the problem I have brought to media and TDC attention is nothing to do with the current running of the Museum and it is certainly not their fault. One thing I do not want is people to start thinking  the current volunteers are at fault.The problem as I have stated on many occasions has been the way the collection owned by TDC has been managed to the point where the collection has never been fully cataloged or audited in the past. All due to the fact is the collection has been given such a low priority in the past. This has resulted in missing items and poorly looked after items.

 I am pleased to say that  public confidence is still there as people are still donating items to the Museum . I for one have a batch of items ready to donate to the collection. I expect some  people may think this is strange that I buy things with my own money to give to the Museum like the plate above, that in turn will become TDC property. It is not an out break of madness on my part it is entirely due to the fact that I believe in the Margate Renaissance  and that history and art is the way forward for heritage tourism in Margate and Thanet.. TDC are sitting on an absolute gold mine of items that up until now I think they did not realize they have got and the potential. There is no other historical sea side resort that has a collection of this size and going back to the 1983 feasibility study for the Margate museum it does state that if the Margate collection was to acquire material from other historical sea side resorts there is enough material to form a national sea side museum.I should stress in the same report there is also a health warning on cost and sustainability but the report was made before the Turner center  was even heard of which the Turner center has now had an huge impact on the area. Also since the report many items that belonged to the Borough of Margate that were in KCC hands have now been siphoned off and have become part of the Kent History and Library center at Maidstone. However, in spite of this TDC still has a collection of merit.

The Victory lugger memorial dedication 27th April 2013 in photographs

 Today (27/04/13) in brilliant sunshine a replacement memorial stone was dedicated to the entire crew of the Margate Victory lugger who lost their lives assisting the barque Northern Belle an American flagged vessel that had run aground on 5th January 1857 between Kingsgate Bay and Foreness Point off the Thanet coast. The crew of the Northern Belle were eventually all saved.
The Mayor and Mayoress Will and Jodie with the Bishop of Dover

After a 100 meters Iris finds the pace a bit hard going

Margate's finest the RNLI crew led by coxswain Trevor Lamb 

Not bad Iris has still manged to keep up
The rest of Margate's finest

The serious bit, the Bishop of Dover addresses the flock.

The memorial stone.

Tuesday, 23 April 2013

Back from scrutiny.

I went along to the Thanet District Council overview and scrutiny meeting this evening and with Ian Driver in the chair the meeting there were fireworks. Following a debate over who should and who shouldn't film at the meeting and who is a credited journalist and who isn't led to an adjournment for a ruling. This led to Ian deciding he wouldn't chair the meeting when Councillors voted not to allow filming. It was a bit of a shame because he was going to let me speak on the art and artifacts item and of course with the vice chairman stepping in I missed my chance. However, the outcome was still good as members  voted  to form a working party to look into the procedures for the art and artifacts collection.
It did make me smile when one of the council officers defending their position dismissed my concerns as historic. So if I see in an old Margate Borough catalogue that in the collection is listed  a Battersea snuff box that could be worth £1500 or even the upper value of £25,000 and we cannot find it. Then such a concern is historic , should I forget it. I don't think so. Same when I heard the usual defensive statement "if something is missing then I should suggest it should be reported to the police". But if something is missing why should the assumption be it has been stolen. Thanet District Council has been very slack in the past and still is today. Two years ago Ramsgate Town Council loaned 16 prints and paintings from TDC. When I mentioned this to one of the council officers I found out that TDC had no such record of the loan. So if they carried out an audit and found these items missing then I would think they would be listed as missing. This has happened in the past (historic) and once the paper trail is broken items get lost. So not all missing items are stolen.
Following on from the remark, there is a smuggling book in the museum someone has cut out items with scissors and council officers know this yet they do nothing about it.

I am glad the working party has been set up and I just hope TDC members go with their instincts and keep an open mind.on this issue and like a jury take note of the evidence before them and make informed decisions.

Saturday, 20 April 2013

Summing up.

On the 23rd April 2013 the Thanet District Council overview and scrutiny will be meeting. On the agenda my concerns over the management of TDC art and artifact holdings will be discussed. I have listed below a summary of events and my findings. Each item listed below is backed by research, old TDC documentation, my experiences and emails I have received.
  • Prior to 1974  Borough of Margate "owns" a collection consisting of 13,867 items of which 9,251 are prints and illustrations and 288 original works of art. Artifacts, archeological and natural history items are not included in this total. 10,422 items of the total are from the Parker collection purchased by the Borough in 1929. 2075 items are from the bequest of Dr Arthur Walton Rowe acquired in 1926. 
  • The 1974 local government reorganization sees the collection broken up and distributed between Kent County Council, Thanet District Council and the Margate Charter Trustees.
  • The library collection goes to Kent County Council, Thanet District Council takes ownership of the Tudor House museum and items in out lying council buildings. The Margate Charter Trustees take ownership of civic items in the old town hall.
  • Between 1974 to 1976 Kent County Council keep the items they require and  TDC receive something in the region of 500 framed prints and pictures from KCC. To date there is no evidence of a paper trail of this transfer.It is found that former Borough of Margate records are inaccurate and in some cases non existent for these items.
  • All items received by TDC are stored at the old town hall police station. Items are also distributed to the new Thanet District Council offices, Northdown House, Albion House, Hartsdown House, the Winter Gardens and the Tudor House museum. 
  • In 1983 TDC commission a feasibility study for opening a museum at Margate. The report highlights many problems with the collection like poor record keeping and serious conservation issues. An immediate audit is recommended in the study.
  • In 1985 under a Manpower Services Commission project  trained staff undertake an audit  and catalogue unlisted items in the Margate museum. 5,000 unlisted  photographs , negatives and some glass negative plates are  added to the  collection.
  • In 1987 the Margate museum is opened and the audit of the collection is not completed.All the items on display at the Museum are cataloged.
  • In 1990 the then Museums officer carrying out the audit of the collection reports to TDC that items are missing, the records they are working to are inaccurate, there are unlisted items and there are serious concerns about the conservation of artifacts. The then Museum officer estimates it will take at least 15 years to properly identify and  list every individual item onto a data base.
  • 1991 TDC pass a acquisition, disposal and collection policy signed off by the chief executive.
  • In 1994 the East Kent Maritime Trust take over the management of Margate museum. The EKMT are grant funded by TDC to run the Margate museum and the Maritime Museum at Ramsgate. The grant does not enable the EKMT to employ the specialist staff as recommended in the 1983 feasibility document.
  • 1998 the EKMT continue to catalogue the collection and paper records are transferred to a data base. The EKMT acquire items into the collection under their own collecting policy and issue paperwork accordingly.
  • 2005, errors are found in the EKMT system such as unlisted and missing items. Items belonging to TDC are discovered at an outside venue that are unlisted. Unlisted items from other closed council venues arrive at the Margate museum to be stored , some are in poor condition. They are stored unlisted.
  • 2006 I became concerned at the collapse of any managed system with the collection and it was becoming clear the TDC collection outside the museum was also in disarray along with  newly acquired EKMT items.
  • June 2006 I expressed concerns about inaccuracies  to TDC and requested a FOI request for the records of the collection. I met with TDC leadership expressing my concerns and was told the FOI request was refused.I was also told the collection met all criteria.
  • 2007 I then researched the collection independently noting many discrepancies  as more items TDC items returning to the collection are found unlisted. In 2008 the museum closed and loans were returned. However donations were also returned.
  • In 2011 the museum reopened and I joined the friends group. I was able to get access to many areas of the museum. The museum had remained dormant from 2008 to 2011 and during that time no audit took place of the collection after 14 years of EKMT management. In one of the rooms items were piled high in racks and in boxes even cupboards were stuffed full and there was no managed system to where anything was or came from. Items were found to be suffering from serious neglect going back many years. I also found that pages were missing from the acquisition book.
  • In 2012 a museum professional was called in to give an assessment to TDC with a recommendation that a complete audit of all holdings need to take place. It was the worst case of collection  mismanagement he has ever come across.
  • Late 2012 an audit took place revealing items missing, unlisted, misidentified and some items listed with two or more different numbers . Many items in storage were in bad poor condition. In the back room 680 prints and pictures were found poorly stored in racks covered in thick dust and suffering from neglect. In more than half of the collection there is no provenance to the items. 
  • In March 2013 I reported the situation to the TDC audit and governance committee along  with some research evidence. On April 23rd 2013 the issue will be going to overview and scrutiny.
  • From 1974 to 2013 TDC has never had a complete audited list of holdings of art and artifacts it owns..

Another TDC document

I received this document  in the post this morning. Dated October 1983 and it is another Thanet District Council internal document .It is the feasibility study for a museum service in Margate that eventually led to the opening of the Margate museum.
The document describes the collection as a "sadly neglected public asset" however it does state that it is a situation TDC inherited in 1974. In detail it recommends immediate action for a short term development of the Museum service and recommends " a major stock - taking exercise to assess what is in the collections  and how far it tallies with the accessions register must be the first priority  for the MSC researchers" (7.1.1). The MSC being specially trained auditors from the Manpower Services Commission.
The document does run into pages making endless recommendations that even today 30 years on most have not been fulfilled. There are concerns about the conservation of parts of the collection requiring specialist care and I doubt even them TDC would not have had the finances to fulfill,  plus such a project would also have had low priority.
I am intrigued that TDC inherited the Cobb shell collection of 17,000 sea shells and also a butterfly collection.The recommendations alone in 1983 would have made the long term cost of upkeep of the butterflies and sea shells horrendous. I am surprised the collection was not passed on to the natural history museum or something. From a 1991 internal TDC document it does state that these items are on loan to Quex House.
The recommendations in 1983 must have raised serious concerns at TDC as the recommendations suggest the employment of professional staff  , specialist conservators and even a educational officer just to maintain the complete collection alone. The report even suggests that the old town hall building is too small to house everything and suggests something along the size of the sea bathing hospital would be more appropriate to house the entire collection., something that is way beyond the budget of any district council.There is even a mention that there is enough material for a national sea side museum if items from other resorts were added to the collection.
Eventually in 1987 the Margate museum opened and part of the collection was on permanent display in a small town museum.
However all the problems and recommendations regarding the remaining collection in 1983 were  put aside and  even when they were highlighted again in 1990 they were conveniently forgotten, That is until now.

Tuesday, 16 April 2013

If it was up to me.

"In an ideal world, what do you see as the desired outcome of your efforts? " was a finishing line to a recent email I received and I thought good question.

At present I am  pointing out to Thanet District Council all the problems they have with their art and artifact collection and there are many. Most however are historic,they need addressing and they will not go away and it is something that has gone on far far to long. If I had to sum up in one sentence the problem I would say " A complete list of TDC art and artifacts have never been in existence" and that is the root cause of everything.
So once this is completed then I would think it will be up to TDC members and TDC officers to decide the future direction of their collection, museum policy and heritage  all having so much potential. My role  as a volunteer would  then be going  back to fact finding , research  and working towards making Margate Museum a center of excellence. The same will apply to the new Ramsgate project.

It is not as if I don't have an opinion, because I do. So if it was up to me this is what I would like to see.

  • The collection I would like to see split into four categories. The main category being the sasy manageable "District" collection that consists of all the premier items TDC own and represent Thanet. This collection would consist of the high value items like works of art etc., Collectively the collection complete would be valued in the £***,*** range and would be subject to special measures like security and insurance. This collection would have a cash value as a TDC asset.
  • The other three categories would then be Town collections subject to a rigorous overhaul . Each representing Margate , Ramsgate  and Broadstairs and St Peters.
  • This will leave many items that have no bearing to Thanet or the towns and villages. I would dispose of  these by sale or gifting to appropriate museum. Also some items will have to be disposed of because of condition and not really being viable.
  • Obviously the Margate collection will be in the Margate Museum. However, Ramsgate and Broadstairs items will have to be decided as they have town councils, volunteer groups and trusts. But the ownership will still remain TDC.
  • Finally I think TDC should keep a missing items list because one day the may turn up.

Monday, 15 April 2013

The paper trail and human error

I know for a fact that I have now opened up a cans of worms on the issue of art and artifacts under local government control. I suppose part of the case for the defence of the situation will be the fact everything has relied on inaccurate paper records, which is true. However even electronic records are not exactly fool proof and are prone to human error and like the previous paper records can led to problems. In April 2011 Ramsgate Town Council loaned 16 items from Thanet District Council, no problem there. Two years later it appears that TDC has no record of the loan through human error. I am not making any accusations against RTC but if the same happened at the RTC end and say ten years later there is a different set up at RTC the chances are ownership and provenance can be lost and TDC would not have a clue.
I should add that the error is now rectified along with the three other TDC prints in the custom house.

Thursday, 11 April 2013

Work in progress - Ramsgate items and TDC

Today was a very interesting day as I was able to get some research in plus I had an afternoon meeting with a TDC cabinet member and a TDC Council Officer.
My research was looking at Ramsgate items listed in the Borough of Margate 1929 Parker collection that were passed onto TDC and KCC in 1974. This involves  checking 10,422 entries in the Parker 1929 catalogue and picking out items of special interest as well as Ramsgate items. The Parker collection is interesting because the collection list items from all over Kent including Broadstairs and most of East Kent.As it stands to date there is no paper trail of items from the Parker collection to TDC.
My objective today was more about establishing provenance of Ramsgate items that were hanging on the wall in Albion house around 1987 to identify if they were former Borough of Ramsgate assets , this also includes TDC loans to Ramsgate Town Council and the 16 loans to the Maritime museum. I should also add that I am in possession of a Albion house number list as mentioned in a previous posting.
In the first 1300 listed prints I came across 19 Ramsgate  prints they included two de Loutherbourg's (items 11 & 12) and a Francis Jukes print (item 39) and the identities are exactly what is in the Maritime museum. So I am almost certain that  the Maritime museum loans are from the TDC inherited Parker collection therefore eliminating them as being a former Borough of Ramsgate assets.
By the time I had reached item 2000 I was wondering if I would ever see anything else from Ramsgate then as I reached items 2150 I was hit by page after page of Ramsgate prints to item 2560 and then again from 2600-2670. Among those items were a few Broadstairs and a few Sandwich so at a guess I could estimate there are around 400 Ramsgate prints and a most of these were small size Rock & Co , Shepherd etc., I did not record them but I noted the number range for future reference. When I reached item 2700 I called it a day leaving only another 7,722 items to go.

At 13:00 hrs I had a meeting  with a TDC cabinet member and a TDC council officer to discuss the status of Ramsgate prints and  artwork in the TDC collection that is currently being audited. This also included a discussion on former Borough of Ramsgate assets that Ramsgate Town Council may lay claim to.
I should also add that I handed over information regarding Ramsgate items that will help with the TDC audit.

In bullet points  I have listed some points I raised.

  • The prints that were on the wall in Albion house in 1987 were put there by TDC because they had a storage problem they are not original Albion House. All TDC prints were listed and I have a copy of the list Some are photocopies from when photocopying first came out. I have asked for the identities to be put to my number list from the TDC audit. 
  • In 1974 no art of value went to TDC from the Borough of Ramsgate and the number of items transferred are small but the quantity cannot be confirmed.
  • The bulk of Borough of Ramsgate art and artefacts items went to KCC  and Ramsgate library.
  • The Ramsgate Charter Trustees did have some Borough of Ramsgate artwork these are not number listed .
  • The bulk of Ramsgate items in the TDC collection came from the Borough of Margate Parker collection and Rowe bequest. The exact number is unknown until the TDC audit at Margate is complete.
  • TDC have number listed every Ramsgate piece of artwork they own.
  • The issue of TDC art and artifacts is going to the scrutiny committee.

Property of Ramsgate 
  • I think the 1987 Albion House number listed items are  not worth pursuing given their provenance and value.
  • There are two paintings in the TDC loan list to RTC. They are unlisted and were removed in the TDC Albion House clearance from storage. I believe that they are not TDC property and they should be claimed back.
  • There are artifacts that came from the above Albion house storage that ended up at the Margate Museum. They are unlisted and are not TDC property however they are very small in number.
  • All Ramsgate items that bear a TDC number are legitimately TDC property. However, the care and whereabouts of these items should be always be pursued.

Finally I now admit I made a few minor errors regarding my Ramsgate research, but considering I started all this from scratch I have now corrected some points.

Tuesday, 9 April 2013

TDC art and artefacts - more evidence

 I have been spending the past week researching the fate of art and artifacts in Thanet, so if anyone thinks I have run out of steam on this issue they are very much mistaken.
I am now in possession of a letter and it is a internal TDC one. It is by the them TDC museums officer and is dated 13th June 1990 given his assessment of the TDC acquired collection. Given that the collection was inherited by TDC in 1974 it does make interesting reading 16 years on.
As always the familiar words like "missing" and inadequate records do pop up.
In previous postings I have mentioned missing items and I have received comments like "go to the Police" . Unfortunately I am not the injured party, TDC is and they wouldn't know where to start.
To be honest it does say a lot about local government that when something can go missing and it is not until a few years down the line they have noticed it has gone. The same applies to "discoveries" that when something is found and described as a recent. Only to be found it is already listed in the first place. Even to the neutral observer that  really says a lot about the system in place.

Anyway enough moaning, feel free to down load the letter as is describes perfectly the very beginning of my case well.

Tuesday, 2 April 2013

A Ramsgate fresh start ?

I will donate this framed print to Ramsgate Town Council
Recently I purchased eight prints for £40 at auction and among them were two of Ramsgate. Like the majority of Ramsgate prints on the market this one is of Ramsgate harbour. It is a genuine steel engraving print of Ramsgate Harbour drawn by William Henry Bartlett. Even though it is not particularly rare it is very attractive tempting some cheeky dealers to charge up to £40 for a framed copy. My copy including a second hand frame from a job lot cost me a total of £6.00. So what ! some people might say but the point is that it demonstrates how easy it is to re build a Ramsgate public collection without costing the earth. I have for some time been thinking that perhaps now is the time to start the long process of rebuilding a public collection in Ramsgate. In Ramsgate we have a Town Council set up by residents for Ramsgate and I cannot see any reason why the Town Council shouldn't start thinking along the lines of forming a Ramsgate collection as a long term objective. It is not something that will happen overnight  and straight away I can hear in the back ground "how much is that going to cost then". Well the answer is a straight  nothing  if I was to have my way as all it needs is people like myself to put themselves out and work together at finding and retrieving Ramsgate items to donate to the town. The Town Council has  empty cabinet space that needs filling with Ramsgate items and it does have wall space to hang pictures. Perhaps the Town council could even act a brokers to ensure that Ramsgate art and artifacts are there for all to see in Ramsgate. Even if it meant loaning items to the Ramsgate library, now that would be ironic.
There is so much scope on this issue and at the moment I am all ears and I do need allies.

Sometimes when I write  and think I do tend to forget that I am a Town Councillor myself. so putting my Councillors head on I can give some form of an update of progress within the Council.

  • The Town Council does have a acquisition and disposal policy setting out how the Council will manage a collection.
  • The Council does own a small collection of prints and paintings.
  • The Council does have 16 loans of prints and paintings from  TDC some have been so neglected in the past that the TLC required  is like taking on an abused rescue cat from the RSPCA.
  • The Council does have a few recent donations. By this I mean a few, like a few bits of crested China, a Print and a Philpott bottle. Not much but it is a start.
  • Part of my crusade with TDC is to find out the true identity and provenance if any of the 103 Ramsgate prints they have on their books. 
  • I would like to form a data base of all the Ramsgate items there are in the TDC public collection.
I know it is not a lot compared to private collections and independent historians but I can assure you that the spirit is there.

Monday, 1 April 2013

Another piece of the jig saw puzzle

In a previous posting I made reference from the year 1974 when  TDC acquired art and artifact collections to  when the Margate Museum opened in 1987 . I also made reference to the fact that the former police station cells were used as storage for the acquired art and artifacts. I have now come across some information that in 1985 as part of a Man Power Services 2 organisation project, the items in the cells had to be re listed because there was no records as such. Therefore from the years 1974 up until  1985 TDC had not put  procedures in place to manage the collection they had acquired.
The 1985 re listing on wards was done in great detail and was very meticulous to all items present. But there was no way of telling if any item was missing and there was also no way of confirming any item belonging to the Rowe bequest or the Parker collection as no provenance could be established because of a lack of information. I can now confirm this statement.
This brings me to the conclusion that when my FOI request was denied  by TDC  in 2006 they were well aware that their procedures had been unsafe in the past. This was becoming evident as items were still turning up and going into storage that should have been listed in the past.
Problems also increased as no procedures were in place at the Museum in 2005 and as mentioned in a previous posting there was no managed system. All this is now coming to light in the current audit.

One for the Ramsgate watchers.

At the beginning of autumn last year my beachcomber collection at the Margate museum was dismantled. Now considering most of the collection was found to order I decided to donate the entire lot  to the Museum. The only exceptions being a few pieces I found and my earthenware's of which I am working on at present. At the same time I donated to the Margate museum a collection of Margate mineral water bottles.
 Most of the bottles fell in the £10 to £20 range but the significance of these bottles was that they were quality in the sense that they filled in gaps in the Museum collection. They also added diversity to the collection so the Museum can now display and have a full range of bottles dating from 1870's to the late 1920's that can complement any seaside exhibition they may hold in the future. I am particularly interested at the bottles the Museum have in the boxes  that were taken out of storage recently for auditing and I know for a fact there are a couple that are rarities. My other interest is what does the Museum have that belong to Ramsgate. Above is a photograph taken around the closure period in 2007. In the photgraph are four Ramsgate bottles that in every sense of the word are in public ownership so this is of importance to the Ramsgate watchers . On the top shelf in the top left hand corner next to the left of the Willet Monkton milk bottle is a cork top Ginger Beer bottle impressed George Sykes. I cannot see any other makers marks on the bottle but the bottle does originate from his mineral water works in 17 Turner Street Ramsgate and was sold from his shop at 68 King Street Ramsgate. George Sykes was in business from 1878 to 1891. Further along the fifth bottle from the left is a tall green bottle, that is a  S G Philpott shoulder or bulb neck Codd bottle and is in pristine condition. I do not generally talk valuations but this bottle is in the £30 to £40 range. S G Phillpott is the most well known manufacturer of mineral water in Ramsgate during the Victorian and Edwardian period. To the left of the blue soda syphon is another S G Philpott and this is a internal screw top ginger beer bottle and is dated and embossed S G Philpott. To the right of the blue soda syphon is a cork top amber beer bottle embossed E G Wastell Ramsgate this bottle is an absolute gem and is pristine.

I know I have been over this ground before but the Margate Museum does have Ramsgate research files and pictured below are five on Historic Ramsgate. Most of the information is copy documents but then it is information and once again this is a public asset for public access. There are other research files I think Ramsgate watchers need to be aware of including a pub file. As stated previously the Museum does have a collection of 10,000 photographs and negatives. This does include the sunbeam collection and Ramsgate is well represented. Like everything regarding Ramsgate the harbour is heavily featured but other areas of Ramsgate are well covered. At present all photography at the Museum is going online as part of a project with Christchurch University to put the whole lot online. So there is no chance of publicly held photographs owned by Thanet District Council ever disappearing from public view.

The Margate Museum does have a collection of post war Ramsgate holiday guides produced by the Borough of Ramsgate up until the 1970's when the Borough ceased to be. I do not know their future as to whether they are going to go back into storage, but the more people that know of their existence the better,

My tally to date of Ramsgate prints and paintings owned by TDC is so far 103 and that excludes the loans at the Maritime museum. I know there are more but it is my intention to have a list of every single one which I believe should be a public document.

Some of the Ramsgate research files at the Margate Museum.