Dead Dolphin ashore May 2016

Dead Dolphin ashore May 2016

Friday, 17 August 2007

Low tide a Margate

As we approach Autumn a familiar sight on the low water mark on Margate mains sands in the evenings will at least be one person with a metal detector. Some metal detector users may appear to look like "billy no mates", but this time of year right up to the autumn equinox there can be some exceptionaly low tides capable of producing amazing finds. One example, the lowest known point on the low water mark at Margate main sand is clay/sand from the creek. In the clay are the impressions of the tracks from the days of the Bathing machines.
Inside the bathing machines the floor had gaps between the planking to allow seawater to run out. Unfortunately some people dropped valuables through the planking in the bathing machines. This has been prooved because detecting between the tracks has resulted in finds. One example being a gold Victorian collar stud and a half sovereign found by one metal detectorist.

Bellarmine Flagon shards found at Margate.

I recently gave Sarah at the Grotto a neck and a square piece of a Bellarmine flagon found at Margate for exhibition. The neck was found in the cut where Margate Jetty once stood and the other piece showing the effigy of Bellarmine was found in Margate Harbour when surveyors tested the depth of the bedrock in the Harbour in the 1980's.
Bellarmine Flagons have been known to be used localy (east kent) in rituals involving pagan beliefs to ward off evil spirits. The small piece bearing the Bellarmine effigy has been shaped deliberately suggesting it may have been a keep sake. Both pieces are open to interpretation and can be veiwed at the Grotto.